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How Your Donation Dollars are Spent

Assisting Refugees with Relocation

and Humanitarian Aid

Your support will fund relocation of civilians out of combat zones and help thousands of refugees in Western Ukraine and Poland with food, shelter and medical aid. This includes renting temporary housing for those living in tents and covering travel cost to join family or friends in the west.

Delivering Critical Supplies & Equipment

to Civilians and First Responders

To save time, urgently needed necessities like food, medicine, professional supplies and specialty equipment are purchased with your donation dollars in Europe. Then they areimmediately delivered to Ukrainian civilians and first responders in war zones all across Ukraine, including those in cities under siege.

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Heart & Valor Aid is Distributed with the Help of Our Valued Partners

Humanitarian Aid Delivered in Partnership with GEM

With 97% of donations supporting programs, GEM (Global Empowerment Mission) has been responding to global crisis since 2011 with 300 missions in 28 countries.

GEM was on the ground in Poland and Ukraine within 2 days

of the Russian invasion, giving it an unprecedented jump-star

in creating the critical infrastructure needed for delivering aid

quickly and cost-effectively. This enabled GEM to achieve extraordinary scale and efficiency, both inside and outside Ukraine. 

What Makes Heart & Valor Special


Many charities provide the essential humanitarian aid, but they don't deliver other forms of assistance now most critical for the survival of Ukraine. Such as professional gear and equipment for hospitals, fire departments and first responders. Such aid is usually provided by smaller charities that often lack funding. 


Heart & Valor bridges the gap between Humanitarian and Professional Aid by providing both. By delivering your donations through a select group of partners with targeted expertise and strong presence in Eastern Europe and Ukraine. To make your aid more effective with more ways to help Ukraine. 


Through the upcoming National Television and Social Media Campaign, Heart & Valor will continue telling the story of the Ukraine tragedy. To keep the awareness alive. And to maintain unwavering support for the Ukrainian people in their struggle. 

100% Efficiency, Transparency & Accountability


Our partners are chosen on the basis of their track record and ability to deliver aid quickly and efficiently. But that's not all. We make sure it gets there by tracking each donation through its Processing, Conversion, Logistics and Distribution stages. Then we report back to you once your aid has been delivered.


And we always keep you connected and informed with regular updates on our work and the situation in Ukraine.

Specialized Aid Delivered in Partnership with RSU

RSU specializes in fast procurement and delivery of critically needed medical supplies and equipment to support emergency services and first responders. 

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Recognized for its work by president Zelensky

with Ukraine's highest civilian award.

RSU also plays a leading role in the treatment and evacuation of the injured. Here are example of RSU aid delivered in March:


  • $290,000 spent on 21 ambulances for hospitals 

  • $650,000 spent on portable medical diagnostic equipment including 21 ultrasound and 4 X-ray machines

  • $852,000 spent on bullet proof vests and helmets for first aid workers and evacuating civilians

  • $245,000 spent on communication devices for first responders

  • $167,000 spent on 174 generators for hospitals and shelters

  • $335,000 spent on 28 trucks and buses for delivering aid and evacuating the injured

  • $78,000 spent on military-grade first aid kits for saving lives

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Thank you for your

generosity and support!

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