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Heart & Valor Foundation

Formed by Americans just like You


Shocked by the brutal assault on the peaceful Ukrainian nation. Horrified with the methodical slaughter of innocent civilians. Outraged at the annihilation of their cities. Heartbroken at the suffering of refugees. We couldn't remain silent in the face of this barbaric aggression. So we went to work.


Our help is urgently needed Now


With the escalating scale of Russian atrocities and months of struggle ahead for the Ukrainian people, your on-going support is essential for their survival.


And like the Greatest Generation before us, it is now our time to stand up to tyranny and aggression. To save innocent lives.

And to help heroic Ukrainian nation defend Life and Liberty.


100% Efficiency, Transparency and Accountability


At Heart & Valor, we work with an elite group of partners in Poland and Ukraine, selected on the basis of their track record and ability to delivering specific types of aid quicker and more efficiently than other charities.


But that's not all. We make sure it gets there. By tracking each donation through its Processing, Transfer, Conversion, Logistics and Distribution stages. Then we report back to you once your aid has been delivered.


And we always keep you connected and informed. With weekly updates on our work and the situation in Ukraine.
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