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Help Them

Help feed the starving. 

Help save the wounded. 

Help protect the defenseless. 

Help defend Life and Liberty. 


Your donation will help save countless innocent lives by delivering urgently needed food, water, medical supplies, shelter and military gear to Ukrainian people fighting for their survival.


Their fate is being decided right now.

Thank you for your generosity

and support!

Humanitarian aid and hope delivered quickly

and efficiently. To innocent women, children

and elderly trapped in bombed cities.

To soldiers and civilians on the front lines.

And to refugee fleeing the carnage.

Your help is needed now more than ever!


With growing Russian atrocities and months of struggle ahead

for the Ukrainian people, your on-going support is essential

for their survival. And like the Greatest Generation before us,

it is now our time to stand up to tyranny and aggression.


Freedom. Faith. Dignity. Compassion.

These are OUR Values now under attack. Please help

heroic Ukrainian people defend them... for all of us!


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Ukraine Lifeline Fund

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