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Stand with Ukraine
80 years later, they are on the march again, led by another brutal dictator with global ambitions. Turning to rubble churches, maternity hospitals and bomb shelters. Murdering women and children trying to flee. Starving to death elderly and disabled by cutting off food, water and medical supplies.


Freedom, Faith, Dignity, Compassion. These are OUR values now under attack. And like the Greatest Generation before us, it is now our turn to stand up to tyranny and aggression by helping heroic Ukrainian nation defend, save and heal its people. 


Your help is needed now more than ever!


With thousands of horrific atrocities committed daily by the fascist Russian regime and months of existential struggle ahead for the Ukrainian people, your on-going support is vital for their survival.


So whether you want to help an injured Ukrainian child who lost parents or a wounded soldier who lost his legs, please join us in this noble cause by making your tax-deductible donation to Heart & Valor today. 


Thank you for your generosity and support!


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Heart & Valor Foundation

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